Ideest Projektini

It is cold. But it is colder in Tartu.
Having been recently back, with a tight schedule, I’ve been thinking to myself if I were pushing my limits with being on the road for 2 weeks and going to the other places where the extremities are up for questioning. Change of weather always gets the best of me, and the drastic temperature change was inevitably tiring. Being a southerner I am, I’ve been asked this question so many times upon my return: “How is it going?”

To be honest, it is going pretty well despite the temperature, my body needs a couple of days to adapt. Winter in Estonia is far from being desperate, but beautiful.

January is a busy month for the ones who would like to write and submit Erasmus+ project for the February deadline. Personally, I’ve always wanted to write international projects but failed to find a good time to do so. Being surrounded by the people who are in this field is encouraging enough to undertake this responsibility. But I am, of course, not alone.

In order to have a jumpstart, we applied for this training course about project writing and on January 8th, we headed for Tartu. The sessions were intense, 26 groups were writing and exchanging ideas, feedback for the whole weekend. We’ve managed to write one third of our whole project and mapped out the upcoming days until the deadline. Having already received positive feedback on what we’re doing is already amazing, I can’t wait to see the execution of our project.


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