(Not so) fun fact about Northern countries: It gets dark in winter. Really dark.
I was caught off guard when my body was desperately trying to adapt to this new form of darkness during the day as I had never experienced this extremity before, safe to say it’s still giving me hard times. As my people are enjoying 20 degrees way down in the south while I’m here, I talk to my best friend, Naz as she also suffers the same in Stockholm, exchange some tips about how to cope with the darkness but we usually end up saying “we need hot coco and blanket for this.” Still, we’re all set to win this game, North!
But this doesn’t only apply to the southerners, so my organisation, Tallinn Sports & Youth Department prepared this Sports Morning (Spordihommik) on November 10th. The aim was obvious, our desperate fight against the darkest times of Tallinn was on, and we had to MOVE. So, at 7 in the morning, the Tallinn people went to the closest gyms and exercised for the whole morning. They were given some smoothies afterwards, even though the trophy doesn’t sound like a big thing, the achievement was the only thing that mattered. People moved as they were dancing under the sunbeam.

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